Heidi Fosli

Heidi Fosli

Born in Sandefjord 1961
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway and Arpino, Italy
Student at Academy of Art University, San Francisco in painting and drawing
Student of Oddmund Raudberget in sculpture

Fosli is an award-winning international artist. She is represented in permanent museum collections in the United States,Denmark, and Italy, and also has works in the public space in Italy. She had her debut exhibition in Oslo in 2006, and has received a very good reception in the art world. Customers consist of companies and private collectors from both Norway and internationally. As the first Norwegian artist in history, she received a bronze medal for her work from the 101-year-old prestigious academy Arts-Science-Lettres in Paris. They award medals to scientists, artists and writers in the world who stand out for their work. Heidi Fosli is working from her studios both in Oslo, Norway and Arpino,Italy. She paints intuitive and colorful paintings in impressionistic style with anthropomorphic representations. Primary sources of inspiration are Claude Monet, and Munch's symbolism. The general theme is to highlight social challenges in a global perspective. Technique is oil on canvas.

Her theme consists of three dimensions. Firstly she focuses on expressing powerful and dramatic emotions in inter human relations. The composition of colours and shades of colours are an important element in her expression. Her figurative paintings have something abstract and surrealistic about them. They can “float” meaning that they do not always have a clear border. She makes extensive use of symbolism, and the goal with the eternal and the indefinable is to create wondering, as well as draw parallels to the society and the individual/groups position in society with its norms and limitations. Her second dimension becomes visible in more recent works where she is mainly occupied with illustrating problem issues we face within our society today. Her well known “room” symbolises most often the society, but can also symbolise the universe as in the third dimension where she is focusing on the main questions about our existence. Medium is oil on linen canvas, and she also has graphic works. She finds inspiration through her extensive travels around the world, but also from the environment of everyday life with political influences and mechanisms within our society. Our strive for justice, equality between races and genders, democracy and freedom of speech are topics of interest.

2018Solo show "Human Society" at Gallery 35 Exhibition Space in collaboration with AMB Art Management Berlin, December 4-10, Auguststraße 35, 10119 Berlin, Germany
2019 Artist of the Year Award - Artista dell´Anno, January 19, Effetto Arte Art Magazine, Palermo, Italy
2019 Solo show icw Artists Easter exhibition, April 13-22, Hotel Wassilioff, Stavern, Norway
2019 ATIM Top 60 Masters Award, April 26-27, Manhattan, New York
2019 Museum of Art & Design, group show, April 26/27 - May 10, Manhattan, New York
2019 Solo show, Grand Hotel Åsgårdstrand, July, Åsgårdstrand, Norway
2019 Solo show, Hotel Kong Carl, October, Sandefjord, Norway

2017Museo degli Artisti Contemporanei di Terzo Millenio, Santa Marino, Salerno, Italy
2016European Art Museum Fredriksværk, Denmark
2015Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art

2018 Soloshow "Lonely Planet", Hotel Kong Carl, Sandefjord, Norway
2018Solo show "Lonely Planet" Grand Hotel, Åsgårdstrand, Norway
2018 "Lonely Planet" Solo Show during Artists Easter Exhibition, Hotel Wassilioff, Stavern, Norway
2017 "Antropos" Solo Show during Artists Easter Exhibition, Hotel Wassilioff, Stavern, Norway
2016 November 3 - January 19, Solo show "Human Act versus Act of Man", Trygve Lie Gallery, Manhattan, New York
2016 Solo show, "Heidi Fosli - Høstutstilling 2016", in cooperation with Urban Jungle Real Estate, Drammensveien 72, Oslo, Norway
2016Fondazione Mastroianni, Solo exhibition "Silent Emotions", Arpino, Italy
2016 Solo show "Silent Emotions", Gallery Steiner, Vienna, Austria
2016Solo show "Silent Emotions", Artists Easter Exhibition , Hotel Wassilioff, Stavern, Norway
2016 Solo show, "Immagini e Sogni nelle Opere di Heidi Fosli",The Vatican, Palazzo della Cancelleria, Rome, Italy
2016 Solo show, "Emozioni silenti", Galleria Il Collezionista, Via Rasella, Rome, Italy
2015Kunstnernes Påskeutstilling, Stavern, Norway
2014Soloshow "Imposed", Artifact, Manhattan, New York, USA
2013 Solo show "Heidi Fosli Paintings 2003 - 2013" Rukla, Sandefjord, Norway
2012Solo exhibition of paintings "Bridges - works 2002 - 2012" at Galleria Tondinelli, Rome, Italy
2011Exhibit of paintings at The Artists Easter Exhibition, Stavern, Norway
2010Solo Exhibit of paintings Human Society at Gallery Frognerveien 44, Oslo, Norway
2010Festival Exhibit of paintings at Gallery Frøya at the Summer Academy, Kalvåg, Norway
2009Solo Exhibit of paintings at Galleri Sovart, Kragerø, Norway
2009Exhibit of paintings at Gallery Frognerveien 44, Oslo, Norway
2008Solo Exhibit of paintings at Clodion Art Café, Oslo, Norway
2008"Bohemian Rhapsody on the Wall" at Langesund Bad Gjestegård, Langesund, Norway
2007Exhibit of paintings at Gallery Schweigaardsgate 88 in Oslo, Norway
2007Exhibit of paintings at Gallery Frognerveien 44 in Oslo, Norway
2006Debut exhibit of paintings at Martha Mettlig, Solli Plass in Oslo, Norway
2018 Gagliardi Gallery, Selected artists from Chianciano Biennale, King´s Road, Chelsea, London, UK
2018Chianciano Biennale 2018, Chianciano Museum of Art, Tuscany, Italy
2018"Segni in Movimento" , Galleria d´Arte Consorti, Rome, Italy
2018 Group show, Galleria d´Arte Consorti, Rome, Italy
2017Spectrum Miami represented by Studio 26 Gallery based in New York, USA
2017Montreux Art Fair, Montreux, Switzerland
2017Gli Artisti di Collecarino, Town Hall, Palazzo Boncompagni, Arpino, Italy
2017Museum of Contemporary Art, Miit, Torino, Italy
2016SNBA, Salon des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2016Langkawi Art Biennale, "Exploration", Langkawi, Malaysia
2016Solamessen previously PWC-messen, Sola, Norway
2016Group show, Ashok Jain Gallery, Lower East Side, New York , USA
2016Lørenskog Lions Art Exhibition, Kjenn Skole, Lørenskog, Norway
2016EA Gallery Club, Palermo, Italy
2016Triennale Verona, Verona, Italy
2016 Femminissage, Group show, International Urbis & Artis, Teatro dei Dioscuri, Quirinale (Presidential Palace), Rome, Italy
201636th Anniversary Exhibition at Ashok Jain, Lower East Side, New York
2015154th Edition of National Society of Fine Arts Fair – SNBA, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2015"Art in Palace", Galleria Farini, Palazzo Fantuzzi, Bologna, Italy
2015La Galerie Bog-Art, represented by Galerie Artitude Paris, Brussels, Belgium See here for more information:
2015Espace Art Gallery through Com2Art, Brussels, Belgium See here for more information:
2015"Art and the Polis" Florence Biennale X edition, Italy See diploma here:
2015Galerie Artitude, Paris, France
2015Artists of the World Fair 2015 by Marina Picasso, Gare Maritime, La Croisette, Cannes, France
2015S & V Gallery, through Artitude Gallery Paris, 4 W 43 Street Suite #415, crossing 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, USA
2015“GLOBAL VILLAGE - Il mondo come un villaggio globale” in concomitanza con la Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy
2015 “Gli Artisti di Collecarino” , Auditorium Pietro Cossa, Arpino, Italy
2015The Art Contemporary in the Vatican, Seat of the Vatican, Piazza delle Cancelleria 1, Rome, Italy
2015Riflessismo, Kongsvinger Fortress, Kongsvinger, Norway
2015International Contemporary Masters, Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, Las Vegas, USA
2015Bienal Barcelona, MEAM, Museo Europeo d´Arte Moderna, Barcelona, Spain
2015Monumental Complex Theatre of Diòscuri Quirinale, Rome, Italy
2015International Contemporary Art Fair, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong, China
2015FLORENCE ART- Palazzo Guicciardini Bongianni, Florence, Italy
2015Art of the Future in the Halls of the Past, Sala Bramante, Museum Complex, Il Collezionista, Rome, Italy
2015Biennale Palermo, Palermo, Italy
2015Wunderkammer, Palermo, Italy
2014Biennial Europa, Paris, France
2014Gallery Ashok Jain, New York, USA See here for more information:
2014 Il Collezionista, Stuttgart, Germany
2014Louvre, Carousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2014La Grande Exposition Universelle, Paris, France
2014International Art Festival, Spoleto, Italy
2014Art China Beijing represented by Gallery Steiner from Vienna, China
2014Artistic Trophy Knights of Malta, Malta
20146th International Art Festival, Galleria l´Agostiniana by Galleria Il Collezionista, Rome, Italy
2014Grand opening, Atelier Austmarka, Solo show, Kongsvinger, Norway
2014Museo d´Arte e Scienza, group exhibition, Milan, Italy
2014Art Monaco 2014
2014Galleri Frøya, Kalvåg, Norway
2014Art Chengdu represented by Gallery Steiner in Vienna, China
2014Galleria Il Collezionista, Group show, Rome, Italy
2013La Tua Arte Nel Sociale, Art Contest, Galleria Il Collezionista, Rome, Italy
2013Chianciano Biennale 2013Chianciano Art Museum, Chianciano, Italy
2013Riflessismo Art Exhibition Palazzo Fraternita dei Laici, Arezzo, Italy
2013Art of the Mind Gagliardi Gallery, London, UK
2013International Art Expo New York NY, New York, USA
2013Group Show Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA
2013London Art Biennale Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, UK
2012Christmas EXPO Galleria 360, Florence, Italy
2012One of a Kind - Unconventional Portraits Galleria Opio5, Montepulciano, Italy
2012Group show "Masters and Artists of Today" at Galleria Tondinelli, Roma, Italy
2012International Art Exhibition "Spirit of Art" at MOYA Museum, Vienna, Austria
2011International Art Exhibition Lights in the Winter 2011 at Old Jaffa Museum of Archeology, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011Exhibit of paintings at Gallery Tosmur and link to Gallery Tosmur, Stathelle, Norway
2011Biennale Chianciano 2011 at Museo d Arte di Chianciano, Chianciano, Tuscany, Italy
2009Exhibit of paintings at Moss Society of Arts, Moss, Norway
2008Exhibit of paintings at Gallery Frøya, Kalvåg, Norway
2008Exhibit of paintings at Gallery Rød, Rød Mansion for Halden Society of Arts, Halden, Norway
2007Exhibit of paintings at Sandefjord Society of Arts in Sandefjord, Norway
2007Exhibition of paintings at Gallery Frognerveien 44 in Oslo, Norway

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2015Scholarship guest studio stay at Atelier Austmarka , Kongsvinger, Norway
2014Scholarship guest studio stay at Atelier Austmarka , Kongsvinger, Norway
2012Bess Jahres Foundation Art Scholarship received, Sandefjord, Norway

2018Chianciano Biennale, Chianciano Art Museum, Tuscany, Italy
2016SNBA, Salon Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris, France
2016European Art Museum, Fredriksværk, Denmark
2016Minerva Goddess of all Arts, Italia in Arte, Lecce, Italy
2016Bronze Medal, Arts-Sciences-Lettres, Paris, France
2016Leonardo da Vinci International Prize, Effetto Arte, Palazzo Borghese, Florence, Italy
2016Artist of the Year 2015, Effetto Arte, Art Magazin, Palermo, Italy
2015Honorable Mention, Artists du Monde by Marina Picasso, Cannes, France
2015David av Bernini, Italia in Arte, Lecce, Italy
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2015Oscar dell´Arte, Artexpo Gallery, Monaco
2015Honorable Mention represented by Galerie Artitude Paris in New York S & V Gallery, Manhattan, New York, USA
2015Marco Polo International Prize Art Ambassador, Venezia, EA Editore, Venice, Italy
2015Premio Biennale Leone dei Dogi Venezia, Artexpo Gallery, Venice, Italy
2015Peter Paul Rubens Award 2015, Italia in Arte, Lecce, Italy
2015Trophy "Grand Prix de la Cote d´Azur", Cannes, France
2015Award Artistic, The Contemporary Art in Vatican 2015, Il Collezionista, Rome, Italy
2015Sandro Botticelli, EA, Firenze, Italy
2014Nelson Mandela Award, Italia in Arte, Lecce, Italy
2014Raffaello Sanzio 2014, Italia in Arte, Lecce, Italy
2014Europa in ARTE, Paris, France
2014Palma d´Oro (Gullpalmen) for Kunst, Montecarlo, Monaco
2014Artistic Trophy Knights of Malta, received for "stylistic value" for the painting "Maternity", Malta
2014Art Critics Award, 6th International Art Festival, Galleria l´Agostiniana by Galleria Il Collezionista, Rome, Italy. Received for painting "Expectant Joy". Jury consisted of external University Professors
2013Biennale di Chianciano Certificate for Artistic Merit, Italy
2013Premio Speciale Galleria Il Collezionista, Roma, Italy
2013London Art Biennale Honorable Mention for Artistic Merit, UK
2012Chianciano International Art Award Honorable Mention for Artistic Merit, Italy
2011Biennale di Chianciano Honorable Mention for Artistic Merit, Italy

2016Arpino Municipality, Italy
2010-2015Private Collections in Sweden and Norway
2010-2015Private Customers in Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong, USA, Italy, France, Holland, Italy, Germany and UK
2015 bth media ab, Partille, Sweden
2015Larvik Municipality, Norway
2011Veidekke Art Club, Larvik, Norway
2006Molex Knutsen Norge AS, Norway, Denmark and Poland
2001-2002Lent out to the foyer at PBK Outsourcing, Lysaker, Norway

2016Organisation Italia in Arte, Honorary member, Brindisi, Italy
2016Arts-Sciences-Lettres, Member, Paris, France
2015SNBA, Société Nationale des Beaux Art, Paris, France
2016Organisation Italia in Arte, Honorary member, Brindisi, Italy
2015Organisation Italia in Arte, Honorary member, Brindisi, Italy
2015Com2Art Association, Cannes, France
2014Organisation Italia in Arte, Honorary member, Brindisi, Italy
2008-2010Friends of The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

1984Student at American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco
1985Student at Academy of Art, San Francisco
1991-1996Cand. Mag. in Psychology, University of Oslo